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Last week the European Commission RASFF portal has reported that Aflatoxins were found in pistachios from the US headed for Germany. The risk decision on the notification was marked as a ‘serious’ contamination level for the pistachios and the shipment was rejected at the border. Mycotoxins are a naturally occurring chemicals produced by certain moulds and can develop on a wide range of feed and grain based products. They often develop under warm conditions and the development of climate change in recent years has saw an increased level of mycotoxins developing, particularly in wet, warm and humid climates. Aflatoxins are a type

This week, we are proud to release our new branding and website for Biorex Food Diagnostics. At the beginning of 2021 we made plans to refresh our brand identity with a new logo, colour palette and website. Our aim was to create a brand that conveyed our commitment to food safety and creating innovative products through extensive research and development. For the website, we wanted to create a user friendly experience that allowed visitors to browse and enquire about products easily with a visually appealing design through the use of natural, organic imagery. Browse Products by Industry       The new website allows users to