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Biorex Food Diagnostics deliver reliable and accurate tests for
detecting antibiotics and quality parameters in honey samples


Protecting Natural Products

Due to its biological characteristics, honey has various benefits and uses in food, health and cosmetic industries.

Bees produce honey, pollinate crops and contribute to food production, making their work vital to both honey and agricultural industries. In recent years there have been rising concerns over honey being contaminated with antibiotics and studies into the side effects in bee and human health this can lead to. When bees are treated with antibiotics it removes their natural gut bacteria, enabling harmful pathogens to form, this can lead to bees leaving the hive,  habitat loss and colonies collapsing. For humans that consume honey contaminated with antibiotics, this can contribute to the development of antibiotic resistance and adverse health effects.

In the EU and many other countries, no Maximum Residue Limit has been established for antibiotics in honey, meaning there is a zero tolerance policy on these substances. Biorex Food Diagnostics have a range of reliable, accurate honey ELISA tests available for the detection of multiple antibiotics found in honey, including; tetracyclines, sulphonamides and aminoglycosides.

Features & Benefits

Biorex Food Diagnostics is committed to continual investment in R&D and offer customers a range of features and benefits to ensure kits meet their needs

Fast Assay Time

Assay times range from 45-105 minutes

Excellent Precision

Immunoassay ELISA Technology offers high accuracy and precision

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Easy to use

Kits are provided in an easy to use format with ready to use reagents

Cost Effective

Enables users to reduce outsourcing costs


Biorex Food Diagnostics deliver kits for testing antibiotics and quality parameters in honey.

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