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While sugar is 100% sucrose, honey is composed primarily of the simple sugars Glucose and Fructose (monosaccharides) and a further 17-20% of water.

Fructose is slightly sweeter than glucose and is the predominant sugar in most honeys, making the honey taste slightly sweeter than sugar. These proportions may vary depending on the source of the nectar and differences in climatic conditions, which can affect the various properties of honey. These 2 carbohydrates are responsible for some of the key functional properties in honey, to include the ability to hold moisture, extend shelf-life, its microwave reactivity and its ability to promote colour and flavour. In good quality honey the fructose content should generally exceed that of glucose.

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Glucose/Fructose Kit Ordering Information

Cat. No. No. of Tests Method Sample Types Limit of Detection (LoD)
BXEFC02C 50T Colorimetric Honey Glucose: 2.3g/100gTotal Sugars: 2.8g/100
BXEFC02A 100T Colorimetric Honey Glucose: 2.3g/100g

Total Sugars: 2.8g/100

Glucose Controls (Low & High) Ordering Information

Cat. No. No. of Tests Sample Types Limit of Detection (LoD)
BXEFCO4A 50T Honey 2mg/kg

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