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Multi-Nitrofuran Honey (AHD/AOZ/SEM/AMOZ) Rapid Test

A multiplex semi-quantitative immunochromatographic rapid test strip for the detection of Nitrofurantoin (AHD), Furazolidone (AOZ), Nitrofurazone (SEM) and Furaltadone (AMOZ) simultaneously in a honey sample. These tests can be read visually or using a Flowsense reader for improved detection capability.

Why test for Nitrofurans in honey?

The Nitrofuran class of broad-spectrum antibiotics (Furaltadone, Furazolidone, Nitrofurantoin, and Nitrofurazone) has commonly been used in food-producing animal practices, including beekeeping, to protect bees from insect diseases. Beekeepers commonly administer nitrofuran drugs directly into hives, either through feeding or spraying, resulting in the potential presence of nitrofuran metabolites in honey. However, due to their inherent instability and associated health risks — including potential carcinogenicity — many countries, including the EU, have prohibited their usage in food-producing animals. Additionally, the indiscriminate use of nitrofurans can foster antibiotic resistance in humans. Despite regulatory measures, illicit use persists in certain regions, posing contamination risks, particularly in food items such as honey.


Of particular concern are specific compounds within nitrofurans, notably 3-amino-2-oxazolidinone (AOZ), 3-amino-5-morpholinomethyl-2-oxazolidinone (AMOZ), 1-aminohydantoin (AHD), and semicarbazide (SEM). These compounds can manifest as metabolites or degradation by-products of various nitrofuran antibiotics. Vigilant monitoring and stringent control measures aimed at detecting these antibiotics in food products, such as honey, are essential for curbing the risk of antibiotic resistance in consumers.

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Multi-Nitrofuran Honey Rapid Test Ordering Information

Kit Target Antibiotic        Reader Detection (PPB) Visual Detection (PPB) Sample Preparation Assay Time




*Nitrofurantoin (AHD) 0.25 0.5 Hydrolysis,derivatisation (15 minutes at 60°C), solvent extraction/evaporation, reconstitution 10 minutes
*Furazolidone (AOZ) 0.25 0.5
*Nitrofurazone (SEM) 0.25 0.5
*Furaltadone (AMOZ) 0.5 0.5

*Reporting target

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