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Dry Bath Incubator

Key Benefits:

  • Instant temperature display, both heating and cooling.
  • Multiple program running·9 programs can be set.
  • Temperature deviation Calibration function.
  • Built-in safety device for over-temperature.
  • Intelligent algorithm.
  • Automated recovery of power cut.
  • Multiple modules options (Module DB9 Gluc/Fruc and DB2 FlowSense)
  • LED display.
  • Failure Detection and Buzzing alarm
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Product Features:

  • Supplied Materials: Incubator, Power Cable, User Guide, Module
  • Temperature range: Room temp + 5 ℃ to ~ 100℃
  • Temperature stability: ±0.5℃
  • Heating Time: ≤ 12min(25℃ – 100℃)
  • Timing range: 5s – 23h59min
  • Item Dimensions: 170*160*102 mm
  • Module Dimensions: 110*75*32 mm
  • Power/Power Supply: 96W; AC100-240V/1.5A turn to DC24V/4A

This product can be used in conjunction with both the FlowSense Product Range and Honey Quality Test products (Glucose/Fructose).


Related Instrument and Accessories:
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Flowsense Adaptor 20x70mm BIOXBFD63
Flowsense Printer BIOXBFD67
Flowsense Reader BIOXBFD60


Honey Test Panel
Streptomycin Honey

Flowsense Rapid Test (including Dihydrostreptomycin)

Multi-Sulfonamides Flowsense Rapid Test

(High Sensitivity)

Multi-Antibiotic Honey (Quin/Thiam/Spec) Flowsense Rapid Test BXEFB57A
Multi-Antibiotic Honey (Eryt/Tylo/Tetra) Flowsense Rapid Test BXEFB58A
Chloramphenicol Honey Flowsense Rapid Test BXEFB59A*
Multi-Nitrofuran Honey (AHD/AOZ/SEM/AMOZ)

*Solvent use required

Glucose/Fructose BXEFC02C

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