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Multi-Antibiotic Honey (Eryt/Tylo/Tetra) Rapid Test

About this product

A multiplex semi-quantitative immunochromatographic rapid test strip for the detection of Erythromycin, Tylosin/Tilmicosin and 4 Tetracycline antibiotics simultaneously in a honey sample. These tests can be read visually or using a Flowsense reader for improved detection capability.

Why test for Erythromycin, Tylosin and Tetracycline in honey?

Antibiotic residues, including Tetracycline’s, Macrolides and Erythromycin, have been detected in commercial honey, potentially stemming from sources such as direct beekeeping practices for disease treatment or environmental contamination. This raises concerns about potential health risks to consumers, including allergic reactions in susceptible individuals, as well as the continued impact on antibiotic resistance, highlighting the importance of continued monitoring.

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Multi-Antibiotic Honey (Eryt/Tylo/Tetra) Rapid Test Ordering Information

Kit Target Antibiotic        Reader Detection (PPB) Visual Detection (PPB) Sample Preparation Assay Time



Multi-Antibiotic Honey (Eryt/Tylo/Tetra)



*Erythromycin 10 15 Weigh sample, add diluted sample diluent and shake 10 Minutes
*Tylosin 10 10
Tilmicosin 12 15
*Tetracycline 8 15
Oxytetracycline 12 15
Doxycycline 20 40
Chlortetracycline 15 30

*Reporting target

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