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Multi-Sulfonamides (High Sensitivity) Rapid Test

A semi-quantitative immunochromatographic rapid test detection of 18 Sulfonamide antibiotics in a honey sample. These tests can be read visually or using a Flowsense reader for improved detection capability and traceability of laboratory data.

Why test for Multi-Sulfonamides in honey?

Sulfonamides, known for their broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, provide a strong defense against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial strains. Differing from certain other antibiotics, sulfonamides operate by inhibiting bacterial dihydropteroate synthase, a crucial enzyme in folate synthesis. This disruption impedes bacterial growth and replication, effectively halting infection progression.


Due to their effectiveness, sulfonamides have been widely used in veterinary medicine to treat various livestock diseases. Their use has also extended to apiculture, where they help prevent and manage bacterial diseases in bee colonies, notably combating American and European Foulbrood, which can devastate bee populations. However, concerns have arisen regarding antibiotic resistance, particularly in humans, and stringent regulation of sulfonamide use has become necessary to mitigate the rise of resistant bacterial strains. Recent findings of sulfonamides in commercial honey have prompted investigations into potential contamination sources, either through environmental contamination, poor husbandry practices, or illicit use of veterinary medicines. Addressing this issue requires interdisciplinary approaches, including enforcing regulations and increasing access to robust testing.

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Multi-Sulfonamides (High Sensitivity) Rapid Test Ordering Information

Kit Target Antibiotic        Reader Detection (PPB) Visual Detection (PPB) Sample Preparation Assay Time

(High Sensitivity)









0.75 1.5 Weigh sample, add diluted sample diluent and shake 8 Minutes
Sulfametoxydiazine 0.75 1.5
Sulfaclozine 1 2
Sulfamonomethoxine 1 2
Sulfisomidine 1 2
Sulfadimethoxine 1.5 3
Sulphaquinoxaline 2 3
Sulfamerazine 1.5 3
Sulfadiazine 2 4
Sulfachloropyridazine 2 4
Sulfamoxole 3 6
Sulfamethizole 4 8
Sulfamethoxypyridazine 9 10
Sulphormethoxine 20 40
Sulfapyridine 20 40
Sulfamethoxazole 25 60
Sulfisoxazole 45 90
Sulfathiazole 60 100

*Reporting target

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