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Gluten ELISA

The MonoTrace Gluten ELISA incorporates an innovative single-step non-toxic extraction method that streamlines testing and eliminates the need for hazardous waste pickup.

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Gluten ELISA Ordering Information

Cat Code. Method Assay Time Limit of Detection (LoD) Sample Types




30 mins (post extraction) 0.36ppm (0.18ppm gliadin) Cereals

Tree Nuts





  • Extraction Time: 1 hour
  • Testing Time: 30 minutes
  • Specificity: Gliadin
  • Limit of Detection: < 1 ppm
  • Range of Quantification: 2-100 ppm
  • New Monoclonal Antibodies (Mabs):
    Anti-gliadin Mab-coated assay plate
    HRP-labeled anti-gliadin Mab conjugate
  • Assay Plate: Breakaway microwell strips
  • Extraction:
    Non-toxic extraction buffer
    Single step (one buffer, one temperature)
  • Ready-to-Use Standards: 0 ppm, 2 ppm, 10 ppm, 20 ppm,
    40 ppm, and 100 ppm gluten controls included

Validated for use with various raw and processed foods via proficiency testing and reference material analyses, the BioFront Technologies MonoTrace Gluten ELISA represents a new approach for the quantitative or qualitative detection of gluten. This ELISA kit uses a new
pair of highly sensitive monoclonal antibodies to specifically target and detect the α-gliadin component of wheat and homologous proteins in barley (hordein) and rye (secalin).

BioFront Technologies has developed the first comprehensive line of monoclonal antibody-based ELISA assay kits (MonoTrace ELISAs) for the detection of food allergen contamination in various food samples and environmental surfaces. The MonoTrace Gluten ELISA incorporates the use of a precisely defined set of handpicked monoclonal antibodies selected after a rigorous screening process for their ability to:

  • Target a highly stable Almond allergen resistant to food processing effects
  • Recognize a carefully selected target protein to eliminate cross-reactivity and reduce the possibility of ‘false positive’ results
  • Perform well in a wide variety of food products with negligible food matrix interference