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Milk (Casein) ELISA

The Milk (casein) ELISA Kit is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the quantitative or qualitative detection of casein. This monoclonal antibody (MAb)-based assay provides a highly sensitive and specific method for the quantification of casein presence/contamination within a variety of food matrices. It may also be used for simple “yes-no” qualitative assessments. The kit enables a facile and quantitative measure of casein without the cross-reactivity issues often associated with polyclonal antibody (PAb)-based ELISA kits. Casein is a major milk allergen and was selected based on its strong resistance to food processing and high abundance in bovine milk. This kit does not detect beta-lactoglobulin, a protein which represents ~20% of total milk protein, but is enriched to ~65% of total protein within whey.

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Milk (Casein) ELISA Ordering Information

Assay Time Limit of Detection (Sensitivity) Sample Types
30 mins (post extraction) 0.11ppm casein

0.44ppm non-fat dry milk powder (casein ppm value X 4.13)
0.48 ppm whole milk powder (casein ppm value X 4.49)
3.95 ppm whole milk (casein ppm value X 36.9)

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