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Zearalenone, a macrocyclic β-resorcyclic acid lactone, it is a non-steroidal estrogenic mycotoxin produced as a secondary metabolite by numerous species of Fusarium. Zearalenone can contaminate foods such as; corn, wheat, barley, oats cereals, grains and grain containing products. With increasing consciousness of the adverse effects of endocrine disruptors on human health, it is becoming more important to monitor Zearalenone concentrations in food and identify its potential effects on human health. Zearalenone sufficiently resembles 17β-estradiol, the principal hormone produced by the human ovary, to allow it to bind to estrogen receptors in mammalian target cells leading to its disruptive effect on the hormonal balance.

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Assay Time Limit of Detection (Sensitivity) Sample Types
20 mins Feed/Cereal (Maize based):10ppb
Feed/Cereal (Wheat based): 20ppb
DDGS: 10ppb


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96T Competitive ELISA

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